Sept 13 Essentials Training

Trouble logging in - try clicking Forgot Password and use your school email to set it up.

Have no k12 email from a gmail account - first/last name, 956 number, job location

Step-by-Step Guide:

All staff is required to complete these 5 modules at the start of each school year:
     ~Bloodborne Pathogens
     ~Confidentiality/FERPA/Mandatory Reporting
     ~Evaluation (Service or Professional)

These modules must be completed on your own time.  Not on work time.
They must be completed before September 13.  

You will need to go to
and login.

Once logged in - look for the "My Courses" box:

Click on the 'Essentials I' link.
It will open up to the 5 module folders.  Within each folder are one or more items that need to be completed.  

Here's Acceptable Use Policy:

All components must be completed for AUP, Bloodborne, Confidentiality, & Harassment.
When completed - all of these should say Complete on the folder view.

The only one that will not show complete - is the Evaluation one.
Because you need ONLY do the one that pertains to you.
Service does the service evaluation and professionals do the professional evaluation.

It will look like this - it will say Incomplete - but show Complete for the one you did.
This is okay!

Important - make sure that once a video starts playing- you do not deviate from that screen.  This website is knows when you move away from the video to look at another tab or check email....  

If you are at home and video won't play, make sure you have updated your computer and make sure to try to do this in the Chrome browser.

If you continue to have issues and are in a school  - please share with your TIS the issue.

This will work on tablets as well.