School Health

School Health Team

Susan Haslebacher RN CSN  
Supervisor of School Health & Homebound
304-291-9288  Ext. 1705
Secured Fax:  304-292-9242


Jill Ammons RN CSN           
Clay-Battelle Middle/High         
 Mason Dixon Elem.

Kristen Grandstaff RN
Rhondell Abersold RN
Eastwood Elem.
Mountaineer Middle

Katie Murray RN CSN             
University High                

Donielle Delawder RN
Karen Jenkins LPN         

 Morgantown High 
Mary Brown RN CSN                          
 Cheat Lake Elem.

Terri Fisher RN CSN             
 Mountainview Elem.             
 Special Needs

Kate Fragale RN CSN             
 Suncrest Elem.                           
 North Elem.

Donna Wadsworth RN CSN
Rhondell Abersold RN

South Middle                             
Ridgedale Elem.                                          

Shannon Shrewsberry RN
Verna Helmick LPN

Weswood Middle    
Skyview Elem. 
Brookhaven Elem. 

Ashley Watson RN CSN         
Suncrest Middle          
My;an Park Elem.

Rebecca Wise RN CSN                
Special Needs

Donna Walden RDH                     
All Schools   

Back to School Forms

Medication Form
Special Dietary Needs Medical Form
Student Health Information Sheet.doc
Student Oral Health Form (Dental).docx

Required Pre K, Kindergarten,
2nd Grade, 7th Grade and
12th Grade HealthCheck
and Dental Forms

In an endeavor to make a "best effort" to ensure all students in WV schools have a medical and dental home the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Policy (WVBE Policy 2423)
has been set into place.

Pre K, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade are being asked to provide a completed and current Health Check and dental form at the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Students may bring the forms to school on the first day of school.

State Board Policy 2423- Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Section 5 requires Health Check screenings and dental exam within a "phase-in" plan from 2015/16 to 2018/19 for the following:

2015/16    Pre K and Kindergarten
2016/17    Grade 2
2017/18    Grade 7
2018/19    Grade 12

HealthCheck forms can be obtained at your physicians office. Dental forms can be obtained from the link under "Back to School Forms."

Lice Information
Bed Bugs

& 12th Grade Required

All students entering 7th grade are
required to provide documentation of
receiving 1 TDAP and 1 Meningococcal
 vaccine prior to starting school 
August 2018.  

All students entering 12th grade are
required to provide documentation of
receiving 1 TDAP and 2 meningococcal
vaccines prior to starting school
August 2018. *If a student received
their first meningococcal vaccine after
turning age 16 then only 1 meningococcal
vaccine is required.

Students who do not provide
documentation of receiving the
required immunizations on the first
day of school will be sent home until
documentation is provided.  Days
missed due to not having the required
immunizations are considered
unexcused absences.