Elementary - PM

Brookhaven Elementary

Bus 238 - Brookhaven Rd., Rock Forge, Earl Core Rd., Richwood Ave., Pleasant Daycare

Bus 258 - Brookhaven Rd., Pleasant Hill Rd., Dughill Rd.,

Bus 262 - Morningside Dr., Summits Ridge, Twin Pines Village

Bus 271 - Pixler Hill Rd., Beulah Rd.,

Bus 277 - Nicholson Loop, Breakiron Rd., Mountain Ridge Rd., Summer School Rd.

Bus 278 - Summer School Rd., Sand Bank Rd.

Cheat Lake Elementary

Bus 215 - Amplify, Place of Grace, Cheat Lake Physcians, Pleasant Day Care

Bus 223 - South Pierpont Rd. Whispering Creek, Hidden Point, Anderson Place

Bus 257 - Mt. Cheateau, Cherry Hill Dr., Sirockman Dr., Fairchance Rd.

Bus 266- Cheat Rd., Cherry Wood Dr.,

Bus 269- Tyrone Rd., Cedar Hurst, Cable Lane, Pioneer Village, Meadowlands

Bus 276 - Tyrone Avery Rd., Pounds Hollow,

Bus 282 - S. Pierpont Rd., Fields Park, Imperial Dr., Tyrone Rd.

Bus 291 - Rt. 857, Twin Knobs, Breamar Appts., Goodwin Hill Rd.

Bus 306 - Harewood, The Outlooks, Sunset Beach Rd., Burger King

Bus 310 - Snake Hill Rd., Mayfield Rd., Mt. Zion Rd.

Eastwood Elementary

Bus 208 - Richwood Ave., Boys and Girls Club, Mineral Ave.

Bus 215 - Cheat Crossing, Pierpont Meadows, Whipkey Lane, Rolling Hills.

Bus 285 - Stewartstown Rd., Point Marion Rd., Old Stewartstown Rd.

Bus 286 - Woodland Terrace, Hartman Run Rd., Richwood Ave., Charles Ave.

Bus 287 - Grand St., N. Wiley St., University Ave., Dillie St.

Bus 291 - Circle Dr., Surrey Dr., Canyon Rd., Austin Way, Canyon MHP

Bus 294 - Lower Marion Meadows, Easton Mill Rd., Canyon Rd.

Bus 310 - Airport Blvd., Pleasant Day School

Mason Dixon Elementary

Bus 222 - Mason Dixon Hwy, Indian Creek, Peddler Run

Bus 234 - Blacksville Hill, Daybrook Rd., Yank Hollow, Davey Jones Rd.

Bus 242 - Mason Dixon Hwy., Blacks Run, Dunkard Valley, Buckeye Rd.

Bus 245  - Mason Dixon Hwy., Crossroads, Honey Run, Zeb Haught Rd., Range Rd.

Bus 246 - Mason Dixon Hwy., Pentress Rd., Mooresville Rd., Long Drain Rd, Jakes Run, Memorial Rd.

Bus 247 - Miracle Run Rd., Happy Lane, Ragtown, Shriver Run Rd., Blue Goose
Bus 292 - Wana Hill, Hunting Hills, Browns Run, Middle Fork, St. Leo Rd.

Bus 293 - Jakes Run Rd., McCurdysville

Bus 321 - Days Run Rd., Upper Days Run Rd., Conner School Rd.

Bus 324 - Shamrock Rd., Toms Run Rd.

Mountainview Elementary

Bus 237 - ELF Daycare, Greenbag Rd., Aarons Creek Rd., Cobun Ridge

Bus 241 - Kingwood Pike

Bus 259 - Harvest Ridge, Toms Run Rd., Thistledown,  

Bus 261 - Granview Ave, Greenbriar St., Brockway Ave., Rogers Ave., Fortney St.,

Bus 289 - Dorsey Ave., Marjorie Gardens, Vandalia Rd., E. Brockway Ave.

Bus 299 - Ross St., Wilson Ave., Overdale, Simpson St., Dorsey Ave.

Bus 311 - Bluegrass Village, Mississippi St., Madigan Ave., Hite St.

Bus 317 - Mountainview School Rd., Pond Rd., Why Worry Farm

Bus 325 - Ashton Estates, Smithtown Rd., Opekiska Ridge Rd.

Mylan Park Elementary

Bus 208 - The Shack Bethel Rd., Bethel Church Rd.

Bus 218 - Bethel Rd., Bethel Church Rd.

Bus 232 - Blue Horizon Dr., Guston Rd., Lazzelle Union Rd., Taylorstown Rd.

Bus 233 - Scott Run Rd., Bertha Hill, #8 Hollow, Cassville Mt. Morris Rd.

Bus 249 - Snider Run Rd., Fairmont Rd., Hagans Area

Bus 280 - Fairmont Rd., Little Indian Creek Rd., Hidden Valley, River Rd.

Bus 297- Tire Lady, Mason Dixon Hwy., Cassville Mt. Morris Rd., New Hill, Meadow Ponds

Bus 307 - Dents Run Blvd., Dunkard Ave., WV-100, Fort Martin Rd.

Bus 315 -  Bowlby Rd.

Bus 318 - Chaplin Rd., Sugar Grove Rd., Mel Brand Rd., Lynch Rd.

North Elementary

Bus 239 - Whiteburch Towers, Riddle St., Creekside Appts., W. Greene, Glenn Abbey

Bus 240 - Willowdale Rd., Hoffman Ave., Stewart St., WVU Day Care, Rawley St

Bus 260 - Northridge Appts, VanVoorhis Rd., Bakers Ridge Rd., Scenery Dr., Poplar Dr.

Bus 265 - Winwood Dr., VanVoohis Rd., Mountaineer MHP, Independence Hills, Summers Towing

Bus 270 - Northwestern, Chestnut Ridge Rd., Charles Ave. Boys and Girls Club

Bus 281 - Grey Cliff, Brettwald, Churchill Village

Bus 285 - Suncrest UMC

Bus 295 - Suncrest Pl., Burroughs, Collins Ferry Rd., Laurel St., University, Saratoga

Bus 298 - Killarney Dr., Eastern Ave., Aspen, Collins Ferry Rd., Herman Ave.

Bus 314 - Pineview Appts., Riddle, Cottonwood, Headlee, Bon Vista, West Run Appts.

Ridgedale Elementary

Bus 263 - Goshen Rd., Hornbeck Rd., Harvest Ridge, Grafton Rd., Boys and Girls Club

Bus 268 - Healthy Heights, Boy Scout Rd., Kelly Rd., Gum Springs Rd., Grafton Rd.

Bus 300 - Halleck Rd., Toms Run Rd., Thistledown,

Bus 309 - Grafton Rd., Gladesville Rd., Brewer Rd., Carl Zinn Rd.,

Bus 343 - Grafton Rd., Starling Estate, Arbogast Ln., Owl Creek, Goshen Rd.

Skyview Elementary

Bus 216 - Tower La., West Park Ave., Westover Circle K, Boys and Girls Club

Bus 228 - River Rd., Lower Hildebrand Rd., Hilderbrand Lock and Dam Rd.

Bus 235 - Lower Booth Rd., River Rd, National Church, National School Edna Gas Rd

Bus 267 - Fairmont Rd., Holland Ave., Dunkard Ave., Pennsylvania Ave.,

Bus 287 - Dents Run , WV-100

Bus 288 -  Dupont Rd., Florida Ave., Sunset Dr., Ohio Ave.

Suncrest Elementary 

Bus 218 - VanVoohis Rd., Brettwald, Independence Hills, Willowwick

Bus 239 - VanVoorhis Rd., West Greene Appts, Riddle St.

Bus 240 - Willowdale Rd., Stewart St., Hoffman St., Tanglewood, Cedarstone TH

Bus 260 - Killarney Dr., Northridge Appts., VanVoorhis Rd., Bakers Ridge Rd.

Bus 270 - Universtiy Ave., Riverview Dr., Suncrest UMC

Bus 281 - Grey Cliff, Brettwald,

Bus 295 - Collins Ferry Rd., Eastern Ave., Burroughs St.

Bus 298 - University Ave., Congress Ave., Boyers Ave. Saratoga Ave.