Head Start



Interested in applying for Head Start?  Visit www.preschoolsteps.org for detailed enrollment information.

Monongalia County Head Start, as a Delegate of North Central West Virginia Community Action Association, Inc., is a federally funded program operated by the Monongalia County Schools.

This free program serves children ages 3 and 4 in school settings. Priority is given, according to a predefined Selection Criteria, to children age 4 by August 31 of the current school year.  Children with identified delays, children who have transitioned from Early Head Start, and foster children many enroll at the age of 3. Although most families must meet income guidelines to enroll, over-income spaces are also available.

Staff provides home visits, program governance opportunities, fatherhood events, and extracurricular activities to families enrolled in the program. Transportation assistance is provided to families attending program events and requirements. 

The goal of Monongalia County Head Start is to provide exceptional services to young children to enhance their cognitive, social/emotional, and physical abilities. Additionally, understanding that parents are their child's first teacher, staff provides resources for parents to enhance their relationships with their children.