Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Provides Unique Teaching Opportunities

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On the afternoon of August 21, 2017 a total solar eclipse will be visible through much of the United States.  While your students are in class on that Monday afternoon the sky will go dark for several minutes and the day will seem as night......check out this informational PDF with links to resources.

Eclipse Map
Apple & Android App - Eclipse Safari - (free) and web version
Exploratorium - Great website - also have app with which you can watch the eclipse

The eclipse is Monday, August 21.
It begins at 1:10 and concludes at 3:56.
Peak time is at 2:35.

Why you shouldn't look at the sun - watch this:

NO GLASSES - NO PROBLEM - here are other ways to watch the eclipse:

1.  Watch it live by going to one of these live-stream links:

2. Create a 'pinhole projector' out of a box and a bit of foil.  Check out the videos:

How will animals react to the eclipse?

Flashback to 1979 - Some of us might remember:

National Geographic explains the eclipse:

Will we see any Bailey's Beads?